Concrete is a popular material to be utilised virtually anywhere in and around the home. Driveways, pool surrounds, shed slabs, paths, steps and house foundations can all be built using concrete. This is because concrete is relatively inexpensive, easy to pour, simple to clean and will last a long time.  It is also a great alternative to paving as it is weed free!

EBCO Concrete particularly specialises in new builds and replacement driveways and paths to enhance the elevation and appearance of homes and home improvements.  For a little extra character, coloured pigments of virtually any palette can easily be added to your mix to create an individual look that is suited to your style.

Here are a few options and questions to consider when using concrete:

  • Coloured concrete brings drab surfaces to life. Almost any hue can be added to concrete during the pouring process to create an individual impression custom to your project.
  • What type of finish is appropriate for the area in question? Non slip, closed trowel, broom finish etc?
  • Is polishing or honing my concrete a viable option?
  • Is sealing necessary for the concrete in question?
  • What thickness and/or strength should my concrete be?
  • Is mesh required?  If so what type of mesh is suitable?  

Caring for Concrete

Concrete is fairly easy to maintain, though it’s a good idea to keep it clean with a regular hose down. When grime builds up over time, you may need a pressure cleaner to give it a little more extensive clean.  Optional sealing is also an easier way to maintain your concrete particularly outdoors.