Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate finishes are an increasingly popular concrete surface that is emerging as a great alternative to conventional concrete, colour and even liquid limestone. The ‘exposed’ surface of exposed aggregate concrete is quite a work of art and the process reveals the natural textures of numerous stones of differentiating sizes and colours.  With a plethora of styles to choose from, it will be easy to match an aggregate mix with the existing or future elevation, styles and colours of your property.  EBCO utilises Holcim, BGC and Hanson ranges to give you an incredibly wide palette to choose from.

***Exclusive EBCO ranges***

EBCO Concrete is proud to offer occasional exclusive aggregate mixes that are custom selected by us to create an individual product that is only available through our company.  Please see palate range for more details.

What is exposed aggregate concrete?

In exposed-aggregate finishes, the aggregates (the stones and/or sands) near the surface are revealed that would otherwise be concealed by a thin layer of cement. The effect created through a process resulting in the stone being exposed which highlights the natural elements of the stone. Exposing the aggregate is a slow and detailed process completed with extreme care.  A sugary syrup is applied to the surface once it has been ‘closed up’ to prevent the top few millimetres of the cement from setting completely.  Once the concrete has hardened enough to hold the stones and pebbles in place (several hours later and often the next day), the ‘reveal’ takes place by blasting off the top layer of cement to expose the wonderful array of colours and textures underneath.

Where can exposed aggregate concrete be used?

Exposed Aggregate is a popular choice for driveways or areas requiring more grip. It also makes a great surface for garden paths, pool surrounds, custom landscaping and outdoor entertainment areas.  Polished or honed aggregates are also a popular alternative with a few more processes involved including cutting back the concrete, buffing up and mortar filling along with a high quality polish sealer applied.

Is sealing necessary for aggregate?

At EBCO Concrete, we highly recommend sealing of all aggregates.  In fact it comes included standard with all our aggregate pricing.

Whilst many of our competitors will seal the aggregate the same of next day after the reveal, generally with a water based sealer, we always wait at least a week or two (weather dependent) to apply a high quality acrylic or oil based sealer.  If the moisture is completed depleted from the concrete, we find the sealer penetrates the concrete better to give greater protection and longevity.  Not only this, but a our sealers make the aggregates ‘pop’ more than what a water based can to highlight the colours and textures to the highest level.


Here are just a few applications for exposed aggregate:

  • driveways; stylish, hardwearing and durable surface
  • swimming pool edges/surrounds; textured surface for slip resistance,
  • landscaping, pathways in parks and gardens; performs well in high traffic areas
  • outdoor entertainment areas